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Rethinking Luxury Sustainably

For some time now, we have been working on how we think and design our packaging. As of this year, we have adopted some new practices that are aimed at reducing our impact on the planet by introducing some eco-friendly packaging alternatives.

Sustainability is playing a very important role in purchasing decisions. Most of us are evaluating factors such as the ethical footprint of our purchases, sustainable designs, as well as sustainable materials used in the packaging and the products themselves.

Our philosophy is quality one-stop-shopping. From concept to design, to manufacturing and logistics, our team can do it all.
Now, we are proud to add Eco-friendly packaging to our repertoire.

Is your brand considering Eco-friendly packaging?
We can help.

How do we do it?

Plastic waste is becoming one of the largest threats of our generation. We have perfected the use of Bio Compostable Resins to produce and offer new materials in our packaging that are more friendly to the environment.

With this cutting-edge technology, we are pioneering the creation of sustainable packaging that returns to the earth.

Bio-based products are derived from starch plant blends – we use upcycled materials such a food rejects and scraps.

Non-plastic shells

Plastic does not biodegrade, but breaks down into even smaller pieces, resulting in micro-plastic waste.

We substituted our plastic shells on some of our packaging lines and are now using corn-based shells. This material is rich in glucose and therefore the microorganisms feed on it, it actually biodegrades and returns to nature without leaving microplastic.

First impressions matter

Our eco-friendly packaging lines offer luxury materials on both the exterior and interior and is environmentally responsible at the same time.

Recycled Leathers

This amazing product looks, smells, and feels like genuine leather. It is made of 85% genuine leather fibers that are retrieved from tanneries.

Recycled Polyester

Elegant velvet fabrics with a soft touch will add a luxurious feel to any packaging. It is made from recycled plastic bottles that are fished out of the sea.

100% Plastic-Free Coated Paper

100% Organic, plastic-free, colored coating on an FSC® certified kraft base. This coating contains zero petroleum-based compounds, hazardous chemicals, and solvents and only uses natural, organic compounds.

We are certified with FSCTM
Chain of custody

FSC Chain of Custody certification guarantees that paper, cardboard or wood-based products come from responsible forest management.

FSC operates with the sole objective of saving our trees for future generations, assuring that we have forests for all, forever.

Ask about our FSC certified corrugated, folding carton & luxury packaging (FSC C140687), under request only.

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