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Bufkor is part of SigmaQ, a leading multinational packaging and display supplier. Our parent company  Founded in 1969 in El Salvador, SigmaQ has a strong presence in Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, United States and Asia; and is unique in providing a true one-stop-experience: from concept and design, to sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing and global logistics.

Industries served:
  • Flexible packaging
  • Premium packaging
  • Folding cartons
  • Plastic containers
  • Paper bags
  • Labels
  • Corrugated shippers
  • Displays
  • Retail fixtures

Visit SigmaQ to learn more about our packaging and displays:

Nuestra empresa matriz

We provide more than packaging and displays.
We create memorable statements and brand experiences!



El Salvador


Sales, sourcing and distribution offices in Asia and America


     Production plants

  • 3 Corrugated
  • 1 Folding cartons and printing
  • 2 Flexible
  • 1 Plastic containers
  • 3 Premium displays and fixtures
  • 1 Design and pre-press
  • 1 Paper mill


  • 1895
  • 1957
  • 1958
  • 1969
  • 1979
  • 1983
  • 1985
  • 1990
  • 1991
  • 2009
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2019
  • Buffalo Jewelry Case founded

    Buffalo Jewelry Case is founded in the United States.
  • Yarhi brothers get involved in packaging business

    The Yarhi brothers first get involved in the packaging business, by establishing a wholesaler called Yarhi Hermanos in Guatemala. They distributed a variety of products in Central America, including: buttons, tiles, industrial staplers and corrugated packaging.
  • Bufkor is born

    Buffalo Jewelry Case merges with William Korn & Company Designers & Manufacturers Inc., under the name of Bufkor Inc.
  • SigmaQ is born

    The Yarhi brothers undertake one of Central America’s first mergers, combining four packaging companies into SigmaQ, in El Salvador. Nassin Yarhi became SigmaQ’s first president.
  • SigmaQ selected as member of IPG

    SigmaQ is selected as a member of the exclusive global folding cartons association IPG, International Packaging Group.
  • Patent granted

    Patent granted to one of Bufkor’s watch and jewelry display stands.
  • Specialty is born, Bufkor is acquired

    SigmaQ establishes Specialty Products in El Salvador, a premium packaging and display factory aimed primarily for the international market. This same year, Nassin Yarhi’s international vision and his passion for premium packaging led him to the acquisition of Bufkor Inc. as part of SigmaQ.
  • Consolidating presence in key markets

    SigmaQ opens sales and warehousing office in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic to consolidate its presence in the Caribbean. SigmaQ wins the COEXPORT’s Exporter of the Year award, for being El Salvador’s most prominent exporter.
  • SigmaQ establishes office in Mexico

    SigmaQ establishes a sales and warehousing office in Mexico to consolidate its presence in this key market.
  • SigmaQ wins two awards

    SigmaQ wins two of COEXPORT´s awards: El Salvador’s Exporter of the Year and Central America’s Exporter of the Year.
  • Specialty wins two awards

    Specialty Products wins Best Packaging and Best Display award at the AMEE (Mexican Packaging Association, in Spanish) Star Packaging Awards, in Mexico.
  • Bufkor’s look is refreshed

    Bufkor Inc. renovates its logo and brand image.
  • Chippenhook is acquired

    SigmaQ acquires Chippenhook in the U.S., Bufkor’s main competitor dedicated to designing and manufacturing premium displays and fixtures.
  • Vassi is born

    SigmaQ creates the brand VASSI Design Group, as part of its growth strategy in the global luxury packaging and displays market. VASSI is the artistic side of SigmaQ, dedicated to the design and manufacture of premium packaging, displays and retail fixtures, and is composed by Bufkor Inc., Chippenhook and Specialty Products.
  • SigmaQ celebrates its 50th anniversary

    SigmaQ, Bufkor’s parent company, celebrates its 50th anniversary.


The SigmaQ Family is our biggest asset and drives our success. Our +2,500 employees, in ten different countries, are experts in the packaging and display industries and are committed to helping your premium brand SELL MORE!

Though multicultural and diverse, we all share the same identity, based on integrity, commitment to our clients, and optimism.


  • Sigma Foundation (in El Salvador and Guatemala since 1973) contributes to the well-being, education and culture of +300,000 Central Americans
  • +140 scholarships for personnel and their children
  • Eco-friendly solutions, like GreenBox and 100% recyclable paper products
  • We recycle paper wastes from our three corrugating factories to produce paper and chipboard, at our in-house paper mill
  • We classify and sell our recyclable solid wastes
  • In-house photovoltaic (solar) energy generation
  • Water treatment plants
  • Office paper recycling program

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