• 1890

    Buffalo Jewelry Case was founded in the United States

  • 1930

    In 1930 and 1939, two jewelry box patents were granted to Buffalo Jewelry Case.

  • 1940

    A watch display box patent was granted to Buffalo Jewelry Case

  • 1950

    A ring display patent was granted to William Korn & Company Designers & Manufacturers.
    During the fifties, the Yarhi brothers got involved in the packaging business and began distributing a variety of products in Central America, including: buttons, tiles, industrial staplers, wire for staples and corrugated packaging. In association with a Guatemalan partner, they created IGSAL (Industrias Gráficas Salvadoreñas, S. A.) in El Salvador.
    Buffalo Jewelry Case merged with William Korn & Company Designers & Manufacturers, Inc. , and in 1958 it became Bufkor Inc. in the United States.

  • 1960

    Within a few years, the Yarhi brothers, along with partners in Guatemala and the United States, created Cartonera Centroamericana, a corrugated packaging company in El Salvador. Mr. Nassin Yarhi also partnered with an American company to start Rotoflex, dedicated to manufacturing flexible packaging in El Salvador.
    In 1969, SigmaQ was founded as the holding company of Cartonera Centroamericana, Rotoflex and Igsal, and Mr. Nassin Yarhi became the corporation’s first president.

  • 1970

    SigmaQ acquired Cajas y Empaques, a corrugated cardboard factory in Guatemala, and founded Kontein, a plastic containers factory in El Salvador.

    SigmaQ was selected as a member of the exclusive global association of folding cartons, International Packaging Group (IPG).

  • 1980

    Mr. Nassin Yarhi’s international vision, along with his passion for premium packaging, led him to the acquisition of Bufkor Inc. as part of SigmaQ and to the founding of Specialty Products, centralizing the production of premium packaging and displays in El Salvador, Central America.

    A watch and jewelry display stand patent was granted to Bufkor Inc. in 1983, along with an innovative jewelry display prop patent in 1985.

  • 1990

    Specialty Products received COEXPORT´s (El Salvador’s Exporters Association) annual award for being El Salvador’s most prominent exporter.

    SigmaQ opened a sales office in Mexico, dedicated to selling all packaging lines: corrugated, flexible and premium packaging and folding cartons.

    The luxury bag factory, Corpak, is founded in El Salvador; in present day it is part of the Specialty Products production plant operation.

  • 2000

    Various patents were granted to Bufkor during this decade including the Renaissance displays series, the Spree box series and the Cornerstone jewelry box series.

    SigmaQ established Unipack, a sales and distribution office in the Dominican Republic, to serve the Caribbean market.

  • 2010

    A bottle carrier patent was granted to Bufkor Inc.

    Specialty Products won the Best Packaging, Best Display and Best Marketing at the AMEE (Mexican Packaging and Packing Association) Star Packaging Awards in Mexico.

  • 2013

    Bufkor Inc. renovated its logo and branding strategy..

  • 2014

    SigmaQ aquires Chippenhook, a sales office in the United States with factories in Hong Kong, that provides premium displays and retail fixtures.

  • 2015

    SigmaQ creates the brand VASSI Design Group, as part of its growth strategy in the global luxury packaging and displays market. VASSI Design Group is the artistic side of SigmaQ, dedicated to the design and manufacture of premium packaging, displays and fixtures. It is composed by Specialty Products, Bufkor Inc. y Chippenhook.